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My track! Memo: Act Shambolic is me.


Here’s a track I made!

Download it, play it.

Remix it, dj it, edit it, broadcast it, add it to your compilation, share it, sing to it, cover it, make a video to it, extend it, play it backwards, burn it to a CD, press it to vinyl, replicate it. BUT TELL ME FIRST!



Ponyfabulous: "It Gets Better" rant on how my school board abuses that line.


I am sick and tired of this.
Of bullying.
Of “it gets better”

Two of my friends, both girls, were walking down to their bus and holding hands because one of their hands were cold. They’re both into women (I think ones a lesbian, the others bi? I’m not sure. But that’s not even important!) and…

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Wayne Bergeron plays with The Maynard Ferguson Tribute Band. His solo here, in MacArthur Park, is phenomenal.